As A Christian I Will Boycott Glen Beck Tomorrow

Glenn Beck is touting tomorrow night’s program as a special program in which he claims that he will show us how four men have changed the world trough “peaceful revolution”

The four “men” about which Glen Beck will enlighten us are , to quote him, “Moses, Gandhi, Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr.”

Maybe the success of the march has gone to Glenn’s head and maybe his pride is getting the better of him but I will not watch this show.

To equate Moses with Gandhi and MLK is beyond the pale.  The MSM has been feeding us a distorted idealized version of MLK which white washes the man’s philandering and his constant turning a blind eye to violence as well as his many threats of violence if his demands were not met.  How can any learned , honest human being – and Glenn claims to be just that- compare MLK to Gandhi…and then to Moses a prophet of God?

The most offending part of Beck’s program is of course that he also equates the three previous men with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Our Lord did not somehow “make a peaceful revolution”, He was made man to show us the way to salvation and to pay for our sins with his pain and blood and earthly life.

Enough is enough!

I’ve mumbled to myself while Beck tried to minimize the truly Christian nature of our democracy and the birth of our nation – he did try to make amends later but does that excuse his earlier propaganda? No more, I will not sit silent while this fifth column is trying to infiltrate and marginalize our faith and  with these types of not so subtle attempts to manipulate us into some sort of international deism. Let Glenn Beck do what he wants ,  I am here to witness and proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and our Lord and Savior not a man and certainly not a man the like of MLK.

I will not watch the show tomorrow and I deleted it form my DVR’s record list.

Please do what you see fit but you know where I stand.


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