Anti-White Racism in Ferguson!

Anti-White racism on display on  display in Ferguson Anti-white racism is alive and well in Missouri and is, as expected, applauded by the main stream media. What is just a little bit surprising however is how the so called conservative media is joining in.
If you want to make the argument that the “right wingers” aren’t even aware that they are doing it then that’s even worse because it means that anti-white racism has become the default attitude for the media and for the country.
No sooner was Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol appointed as, well no one is really sure what he was appointed as but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that he’s black and that’s all the media needs!


You see the media’s six years long gargantuan efforts to make us genuflect in front of Obama has been a dismal failure -as much due to Obama’s sheer incompetence as to the natural revulsion that most Americans still have to the enemies of freedom. Their efforts having backfired America is now awakening to the anti-white anti-Christian agenda of the main stream media. Desperate to make a comeback and find a hero to better fit their propaganda the media is latching on to any black man it can find, dragging themselves on their bellies like so many snakes to kiss the shoes of the black savior who would justify their putrid belief system that whites are evil! “Surely there has to be at least a semi-competent black man out there for us to worship “is their battling cry.
Enter Capt. Ron Johnson. What are his qualifications to deal with this crisis? Well, he is black. OK what else? The list of qualifications stops woefully short once we get past this point unless of course you consider the gibberish drivel of the main stream media as qualifications. I have yet to see anyone produce any evidence of any advanced courses in urban riot containment or their equivalent or any certificates or diplomas that Capt. Ron Johnson earned in the subject of riot control, field force operations, etc.
“Capt. Ron Johnson understands urban policing” screamed the left wing media and “he knows the area.” A normal person would think that the cops who patrol the streets of Ferguson day in and day out and year in and year out would probably have a better understanding of “urban policing “ in Ferguson than a highway patrol captain who mostly sits behind a desk. No matter he’s black and that’s all that counts! The media has found their black star!
In lieu of actual qualifications the MSM published testimony from his mother who stated “Ron wants peace…And he’s for right. He’s always been, from a child up.” Who can argue with those credentials, and oh yeah he’s black!
Don’t think that the left were the only ones drooling at the knee caps of their new black savior. The so called right, eager to prove to the left that they are not racists, dove in with neophytic enthusiasm! Rush Limbaugh himself was so impressed with Capt. Ron Johnson that he practically begged him to run for public office.
To make a long story short this bull sh*t didn’t work. After spending the day hugging it out with the thugs in Ferguson, leading a march through town and telling the world how great it is to have understanding for the community Capt. Ron Johnson declared victory. That night there were “peaceful protests,” at least as far as we are told, and the next day the media was walking around in orgasmic bliss. Of course this didn’t last and last night looting and rioting returned to Ferguson because…well because whites are racist.
Let’s put aside for a second the fact that Capt. Ron Johnson seems to be a willing pawn in yet another failed left wing experiment and let’s focus on the true message we are being fed here.
What is the message that the media, Eric Holder and the democrat governor of Missouri Jay Nixon is sending here? Well as far as I can tell the message they’re trying to send is that racism is a viable policy as long as it’s anti-white racism. What do you think the MSM vermin would say if a white community refused to be policed by black cops and instead insisted that a white cop be brought in to restore the peace? Do you think they would call a white version of Capt. Johnson a hero? What do you think they would call that community?
Are you surprised that no one in the MSM is making this argument? Of course you’re not and that’s further evidence of how far the War on Whites has advanced and that we have to stop it immediately! If you get a chance maybe call some of the talk show hosts and ask them to explain their anti-white racism.


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