Anti-Incumbent Wave? Fat Chance!

Mitt and BobUpdate: The primaries  have proven us right again, click here

Can you open a newspaper or magazine these days without seeing  headlines proclaiming  that there is some sort of anti incumbent wave sweeping Washington? No, you can’t ,  and  the same holds true for the state controlled television networks.

Lets get something clear right from the get go, this “anti incumbent‘ nonsense is just the media trying desperately to salvage a shred of credibility for Obama. In fact it’s not just Obama whose credibility is gone with the wind but also that of the MSM  for it was the media and Hollywood who brought the Obamanation upon us.

There is no anti incumbent wave in Washington. What it is is an anti liberal and anti Obama wave – and it’s building up into a tsunami!

How many candidates lost a primary or a seat to a less conservative opponent? Maybe you can point to the election  in upstate NY but that was a Chinese fire drill of an election wit three candidates representing four parties.

Here is what the media and Obama hopes you won’t find out:  the democrat who ran  against Obamacare won his primary ! That’s right, West Virginia’s Allen Mollohan the 14 term congressman ( I would be really ashamed if someone called me that) lost his seat to an upstart, State Senator Michale Olivero.  The main issue  that put Olivero over the top was his democrat opponent’s support for Obamacare!
That’s right folks! Democrats are running against Obamacare and winning primaries! If it wasn’t so sad it would be the pisser of the century!

In NJ Chris Christie spanked the democrat incumbent and former Goldman Sachs CEO Corzine like a red headed step child. Republicans won in VA and of course in MA.  How many of the winners campaigned on a liberal platform?

In Utah , a more conservative state thank God, once again the more conservative candidate won. He won  in spite of the neocon block, including  Mitt Romney and Gingrich desperately trying to save Bob Bennett’s campaign. There will be a republican primary in Utah and the more conservative candidate will win. As it should be.

So I ask again, how many conservative incumbents lost their seats to a more liberal challenger?

Here is the reality, regardless of how the vermin in the media try to spin that the sky is falling on incumbents,  there are plenty of incumbents who are sitting pretty tonight. There are plenty of incumbents   who fully and deservedly expect to be reelected. There is word for those, they are called “CONSERVATIVES !”


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