Another Reason Why We Need A Third Party- Coburn

Coburn on the left

Coburn on the left

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To get pricks like him out of government. We should watch CNN he tells us !  What the hell for? I can give you tomorrow’s and next week’s CNN headlines today! Here is a sample, “Tea Bagging Racist Christian Whites!” Want another? How about “Obama is so good why change horses  just because it’s his fourth term”

Did he advocate watching Pravda  during the cold war? Does he advocate watching  Al Jazera? (Other than the  very obvious language difference can anyone  really distinguish an Al Jazera report from that of CNN or MSNBC?)

No, I don’t care that the libs say that Coburn has built up “good will” with conservatives? What?   There is no trading on any good-will that libs say was built up in the past,  there is no room for neo-con light.

We want our politicians to fight viciously and fight dirty and fight nonstop for our country and our ideals.  The left is ardent and militaristic and relentless. We need a conservative party that is the same. If you aren’t ready to do that, then please say the hell home, and go play patty-cakes with the botox bag on your own dime and your own time.

Just becasue Pelosi is smiling as she makes serfs out of all of us and our children it doesn’t mean that she is nice.  All it means  is that  her face is frozen due to the botox.  If Coburn is too damn stupid or too damn corrupt to recognize it then fine,  let the libitards vote for him but the Tea Party won’t.

Pelosi is nice? I’m sure Pol Pot was downright charming. I don’t have to have tea with the fart hag from Frisco to know that she is gallivanting across the country in tax payer provided aircraft that could and should be used to transport wounded troops. I don’t have to smell her putrid breath as she wipes false tears and spews nonsensical banter to know that we will have to pay to be alive- by buying health insurance- or be fined and jailed. And Coburn,  who cares that that wasn’t  the intention of the bill ? Who cares? That is the damn result, pay to be alive or go to jail- that’s it!

I love it when the libits at AOL and Associated Press or  Reuters defends  someone’s conservatism and calls them “stalwart conservative” . You know damn well that that particular  “stalwart conservative” is about to stab you in the back.

Here is none other than the scum bags at the Daily Kos singing Coburn’s  praises:

“Coburn’s “change in tone” might put him in the Fox doghouse, but it’s good politics and good for the country, ” said Jed Lewinson of Daily Kos.

Oh, you know when the worms at Kos say that about a “conservative” someone somewhere has something on him and they are jerking his chain hard to make him  sing and dance just the way they want.

This is from the AOL’s official  Obama organ:

Coburn, a stalwart conservative, defended House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and took a few shots at Fox News, accusing the network of misleading viewers. This from the same senator who warned during the heat of the debate that the Democrats’ health care plan would shorten the lives of Americans and who was accused of encouraging prayers for Sen. Robert Byrd’s death before a crucial vote.

At the meeting with constituents in Oklahoma City last week, a woman expressed fear that people who don’t buy health insurance would be thrown in jail — an idea often repeated on Fox. “The intention is not to put anybody in jail,” Coburn replied.That makes for good TV news on Fox, but that isn’t the intention.”

Once again Coburn! Intention? Who gives a damn about the intention! The road to where you’re going is paved with “intentions!”


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