Another FOX host bashes Trump and his Supporters

If you don’t know who Greg Gutfeld is don’t feel bad, hardly anyone watches his shows on FOX but to make up for that he makes sure that he makes himself as much a tool as possible to continue to get his pay check.

To understand the extent of the moral corruption and IQ level in negative numbers that fight for elbow room in the the cranial cavity of Fox hack note that not long ago Greg Gutfeld tried strenuously to convince the world that Gay Marriage is a manifestation of conservative values. Had he added that Gay Marriage is a manifestation of Fox’s conservative values, then perhaps he would’ve had a point, however as he did not add such a qualifier to his remark, the only point he had rest betwixt his shoulders.

Being a coward to boot, Gutfeld prefers to cover his attacks with thinly veiled bullshitery. Contrast that for a cond with Donald Trump who calls a spade a spade and a Fox hack a Fox hack.  In his desperate attempt to find a reason to attack Trump this worm desperately tries to draw a parallel between Trum’s remarks in which he calls out a Washington Post reporter to Barrack Hussein Obama’s deplorable insults of Special Olympics. There are no parallels between calling out a reporter for reporting out of alll sides of his mouth and Obama insulting handicapped special Olympians. Such parallels exist only in the a mind that calls Homosexual marriage a “conservative value”

I’m not going to post any of Gutfeld’s remarks here because quite frankly this guy bores me to tears and his remarks are about as interesting as John Kerry but if you really want to read what he said go here 




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