America Under Attack

In the past 72 hours we have been attacked all over the country from Minnesota to New Jersey and New York and yet Hillary and Obama want to bring tens and hundreds of thousands more of them.

muslims terrorize mall-of-americaOn Friday the Mall of America was the scene of a melee and chaos  as a horde of balck mulsim teens of mostly Somali origin stampeded through the mall. ( these are the first and second generation Somali muslims brought here by Bush but the majority were brought here by Barrack Hussein Obama)  Five people were arrested as muslims “celebrated” the Eid Al Adha – also known as “The Festival of Sacrifice” by dressing in black and terrorizing  Christian shoppers.

Black Somali muslims stabs innocent Christians in Minnesota St. CloudAlso in Minnesota this time at a mall in St. Cloud another black Somali  muslim, Dahir A. Adan, identifying himself as a “soldier of Islam ” stabbed nine people after asking them if they are muslims and screaming “aloha snackbar”


On SatuSeaside Park Terror attempt rday a bomb was discovered along the route of a USMC sponsored run in Seaside NJ. The bomb was discovered and blown in place.



Chelsea terror attack Sunday New York City, Chelsea a bomb exploded in a construction dumpster injuring 26 people.  Another “home-made” bomb was found a few blocks away.



MoElizabeth Terrorist Bombnday a backpack bomb was discovered at a commuter hub in Elizabeth New Jersey. according to reports the back back contained 5 devices one of which accidentally detonated as Police tried to disarm it.


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