Al Gore Telethon Replacemet for Water-boarding !

There is a enormous amount of  mounting evidence that not only is “Global warming” a fraudulent idea but that also fraud was more than likely committed by supporters.  It is very probable that charges will be brought against some of the perpetrators of this multi-billion dollar hoax including their pied piper Al Gore.

In a desperate attempt to stave off the upcoming investigations Al Gore will hold a 24 hour televise bore-o-thon to drum up support for his newly renamed cause célèbre, “Climate Change”.  Apparently Al Gore thinks that there are billions and billions of people who do not believe in climate change and his goal is to bore them into submission.

Before you write this off as yet another exercise in Al Bore stupidity I need to tell you that there seems to be an upside to this. Our triple secret probation agents inside the Pentagon, are telling us that the military and the CIA will use recordings of the broadcast as a replacement for water-boarding.

We a are strong supporters of our military and intelligence services however we are considering objecting to this new tactic on the grounds that it is t0o harsh and cruel. Our sources further tell us that in tests on laboratory mice, after ten minutes of watching Al Bore tapes  both the mice and the handlers confessed to having written the “Illiad”

If you have insomnia here is where you can watch this disaster, source .


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